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Message Subject Math: 6÷2(1+2) = ?
Poster Handle Forgotten
Post Content

Lol, that is funny, which one? It def used to say 1.
 Quoting: Patrick Bateman

Ha, it is giving me 6 now, lol.
 Quoting: Patrick Bateman

Fix the equation above.

When I clicked the link it is saying 6/2(1X2)

Fix teh equation above it. It gives 9.

The post I copied your response from said you thought the answer was 9?
 Quoting: Forgotten

I have found calcs and sites and profs that say both. I originally said 1 and am just sticking to it out of spite, lol. And the fact that it is more of a poorly written expression than anything, there are good arguments for both, imo.
 Quoting: Patrick Bateman

Link me one please. I cant find a single math website that gives anything besides 9.
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