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Message Subject Math: 6÷2(1+2) = ?
Poster Handle Forgotten
Post Content
 Quoting: --Voltaic--

[link to imageshack.us]
[link to img255.imageshack.us]

Someone show me a math website that comes up with 1.

Anyone!!!!! Please?
 Quoting: Forgotten

that is the problem. Those programs were not designed to solve problems like this.

Ask wolfram what 6/2n =

Then when you get that answer, substitute 2+1 in for, and complete it yourself.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32057798

Summary, I cant find one either. It looks like the website shown below have no problem coming up with the answer. Even shows its work.

Along with 10+ other websites, and excel, etc.

No, not really.

[link to imageshack.us]
[link to img255.imageshack.us]

If someone can show me 1 math website that comes up with 1 I will agree. Even though I can show 10+ websites with 9.

I just need 1. One website.

Anyone? Cant find one... can you?

Surely there must be one website that can do it "correctly" I will wait here for you to post it.
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