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Message Subject Math: 6÷2(1+2) = ?
Poster Handle Ice
Post Content
It is such a conspiracy in the world that not a SINGLE math site will give you the answer 1.

You cant find a single one. They all must be wrong and the few people here that say 1 must be right?

EVERY MATH SITE IS WRONG? Is that really what Casper, DUCM, etc are saying? Every single site?

[link to imageshack.us]
[link to img255.imageshack.us]

If someone can show me 1 math website that comes up with 1 I will agree. Even though I can show 10+ websites with 9.

I just need 1. One website.

[link to simple.wikipedia.org]

Solve any multiplication and division in the problem. Note that multiplication does not precede division, this is a common mistake while the fact is that they are solved from left to right as they occur.


5 * 4 - 9 / 3
5 * 4 - 9 / 3
20 - 9 / 3
20 - 9 / 3
20 - 3
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[link to www.purplemath.com]

This tells you the ranks of the operations: Parentheses outrank exponents, which outrank multiplication and division (but multiplication and division are at the same rank), and these two outrank addition and subtraction (which are together on the bottom rank). When you have a bunch of operations of the same rank, you just operate from left to right. For instance, 15 ÷ 3 × 4 is not 15 ÷ 12, but is rather 5 × 4, because, going from left to right, you get to the division first.
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[link to www.eduplace.com]
When children initially learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, they begin by performing operations on two numbers. But what happens when an expression requires multiple operations? Over time, mathematicians have developed a set of rules called the order of operations to determine which operation to do first. The rules are:

Multiply and divide from left to right.
Add and subtract from left to right.
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I can show about 50+ more sites that all show this same thing.

But I am sure it is all a conspiracy.
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Maybe there are just different ways to do it and 9 and 1 can both be right. But going by pemdas, I got 9.
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Math is pure

9 is the only answer
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