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Message Subject Why do all of the angels, aliens, christs, pure genetic heirs, bloodline descendants, and illuminati insiders love GLP so much?
Poster Handle misterx
Post Content
I'm just saying I never see them on like Huffington Post, Fox News or Prison Planet. They should really branch out and get their message out to different audiences.

Try TMZ aliens and genetic heirs. There are so many people there that really need the message.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1361764

Dude, don't you think you would be banned in about five minutes if you said you thought were an alien or an alien hybrid on Prison Planet -- it's not exactly Davd Dicke.

Fox News?



Is it bad to have a place where people can talk freely about htese things?

Shouldn't grown-ups be allowed to sort out the truth on their own -- whether most of them do or not?

Why not?

And not all of the decendents of the elite are elitists. It is the ideological elitists that I can't stand -- they really are shills for the NWO, their "thing".
 Quoting: misterx

Oh, so the aliens and angels like it here because they don't fear being banned. I know of some other websites where you all won't get banned. I'll wait for you there.

And please, if any christs or aliens out there have twitter, post a link. I'll follow you and never ban you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1361764

Well, I don't know. I'm not the messiah. I'm no angel, in fact.

Why twitter? Maybe, aliens don't like that kind of staccato, sound-bite thinking. KWIM?

If you dig it, you go there.

I'll stay right here, and I'm not alone.

And neither are you, maybe.
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