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Message Subject Why do all of the angels, aliens, christs, pure genetic heirs, bloodline descendants, and illuminati insiders love GLP so much?
Poster Handle miffed_33
Post Content
Well, call it a freakshow or a critical thinking hub, Glp certainly attracts the widest range of mindsets available at this time.

Insider13 from 2005 was the most interesting to read, others have since posted claiming some form of importance, but all have failed to impact as much as insider.
 Quoting: CaptiveR 1415695

how do I find this post?? I love a good read
 Quoting: miffed_33

I believe the file is on the internet called "Revelations of an insider" , however i do believe some of the content/answers were removed by users unknown before it was submitted to the internet.
 Quoting: CaptiveR 1415695

sorry to bug you CR is that on GLP or just on the net? I'll take a look here 1st while I wait for your answer :)
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