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Message Subject Smoking Gun It's All Fake
Poster Handle Gypsy Leigh
Post Content
nothing is as it seems. this world is going to get so fucking bizarre. im starting to feel like some of my friends family members and co workers are either holograms, robots, or possessed.

i just watched some of that video. did anyone else see that he showed a video of the lion king as a video of his birth.

what an ego....and...

Lion King
Lyin King
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1245364

Lyin King is right! watching the news, how the fuck so they think we are all so stupid! This video shown at the WHCD was so just blatant in your face, the pretense of the clip he showed, I am the African King and you cant stop me! He announced that as his birth video, evil son of a bitch!
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