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Message Subject Smoking Gun It's All Fake
Poster Handle UndercoverAlien
Post Content
Looking at the pictures and video of Obama at the WHCA Dinner on April 30, 2011, you can clearly see he has a fresh haircut with no hair around his ears. There is also not a spot of gray hair.
Here's that video:

[link to www.youtube.com]

Nevertheless, only 1 day later in the situation room picture, you can clearly see copious hair around his ears as well as gray hair. 2x magnification is helpful. Focus on the hair right above the ears.

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk] (second picture down)

Unless Obama has a working time machine, then this is a complete fantasy.
 Quoting: FuegoMagnifico

Obama hi-res pic at WHCA:

IMAGE ( [link to s3.postimage.org] )

Obama in the situation room:

IMAGE ( [link to s3.postimage.org] )

IMAGE ( [link to s3.postimage.org] )

I can't see a damn thing different in his hair cut from one day to another! This thread is baloney.
 Quoting: UndercoverAlien

Got to admit that I am having difficulty seeing any difference either.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1370164

That's 'cos there's NO difference and OP is bullshitting around. WTF he meant by "Unless Obama has a working time machine, then this is a complete fantasy"???

So, a tuft of hair has grown some inches and the dye decolorized some gray hairs... Where's the conspiracy here???

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