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Message Subject Smoking Gun It's All Fake
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It would go along with the info released that part of the reason the photos are so gruesome is that part of his skull was missing from being shot in the head.

[link to a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net]

There are pictures that where taken by pakistani law/military after the assault and they are graphic as shit. If the OBL pic is anything like the others then I can understand why the whitehouse doesn't want them released

Osama killed with shot to head by Navy SEALs: official

[link to www.dawn.com]
 Quoting: antwan

While gullible asses fall for those lies no one else will, There is no way this bullshit is in the least bit factual, He( Usama ) has been dead for a long time now.
Just think back over the years as to how many so called "Bogeymen" we have seen images of, Graphic horrible images at that as well, For crying out loud 10 minutes after Sadaam's neck snapped we saw it on youtube ffs. There are many more instances of famous laders and "Villans" death images released, Why not this one?. Because they have no such thing.
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