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Message Subject Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP quoted
5. I'll probably spend time in a torturous place until all that bad, heavy karma is exhausted and I'll reincarnate into something a LITTLE better


Hindus are the closest to being correct on this subject.

Intent probably plays a part in it.

You're gonna come back as a version of those you used or screwed. The ultimate way of teaching someone to walk a thousand miles in the shoes of another.

A pile of victims? It'll take a while to work through the variations of people you messed with.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2260983

I apologize Christopher or to which ever of the fan boy feed base you're peculating here, whom took this as a threat.

It was not intended as such, but as a description of what happens if you do come back.

Most of these people are aware enough that this model of you moving straight into being an ant or a pig farmer know it isn't true. This is the arrogance being fed. They instead find the person in another person around them in the next life.

Not so bad. Wife. Daughter. Concubine. Trusted advisor. General. Worthy enemy. Not too shabby.

What but after a few times, they lose track of someone. They wait to find them again sometimes, but it doesn't matter because the arrogance of the group means that after a bit they no longer care and forget.

At this point, you've gone through all the variations nearby, and you start going through the other groups of people.

The universe appears to have a sense of humour in the application. A black sense of humour.

Some of the groups who put significant resources into finding their's might have figured this out and are trying to subvert the process.
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