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Message Subject Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A
Poster Handle The Russian
Post Content
I was more asking about recreational interest in occult things like Harry Potter, Twilight and all that - how popular are they in UK?

Personally, it didn't surprise me. Since you live in the UK, how widespread and popular is the occult becoming w/ the youth?

Also, did you expect CERN to prove Einsteins relativity was wrong or it is unexpected and you wanted to hold science in dead end Einsteins Relativity for a longer time?

[link to www.telegraph.co.uk]

 Quoting: the darkness comes

 Quoting: The Russian

 Quoting: the darkness comes

My appologies. Noticed while I was updating the "chronicles" of this thread that I didn't answer your question. Those few people I talk with sometimes never have spoken of anythin related to this topic. I'm a physics student. Maybe in a different environment it it has more prominent effect, but future scientists tend to talk about "Star Track", "Star Wars", Sci-Fi novels and all that crap.

Also, wanted to say for the 100th time - thank you for what you do. Every day I understand better and better that there is no other faster way around to get everyone "growing up" except for the one you provide.
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