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Message Subject Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A
Poster Handle The Russian
Post Content
The more I try to reason with people, to show them their false (degrading) way of living the more I realise that they will never EVER EVER change anything in their consciousness unelse some other external factor will not force them to do it. The fraction of reasonable people on this planet is (*and always was) not more then 10%. I am aware of ways of changing the mentality of the mass in more peaceful ways but sheeple will protest. They crave war, famine, crysis's.
"We'll take a million September 11's over one moment of true insight toward our self-hate."
It's only partially elites fault that they do that. Mostly it's fault of our ancestors, who couldn't win this war. We are born on the ramnants of an old battlefield, therefore, it seems as their manipulation is the main source of all the crap in you.

 Quoting: The Russian

How can you say the percentage of reasonable people on this planet is only around 10%?

I'm in my 40s and know lots of decent and reasonable people, whats nice about them is they have little interest in taking over the world and enslaving mankind.

What really happened with regards the elite is they decided early on that they would weasel and conspire, keeping all the knowledge and power for themselves. This greed and corruption created an imbalance in the growth of mankind as a whole, a divide between have's and have nots if you will.
Throughout history (hidden or otherwise) weasels have been working tirelessly tuning forks and fermenting the network required to build a utopia but not for you or I, no these weasels are building a utopia for themselves it is their real final goal.

What information Chris has given in the thread is specifically designed to make think the elite have no choice but to enslave mankind because we are too dumb, weak and aggressive to be allowed freedom from tyranny, the TYRANNY being for your own good. Which is of course false as history has shown that through this guiding hidden hand the elite have gotten richer and more powerful at the expense of everyone else.

The true god cult part of the thread is a mixture of half truths and twisted logic all backed up with archaic names that sound exciting and powerful to modern ears. This law of one 2.0 is just another religion being trialled all over the place by the elite. They know people have turned their collective backs on the old lie so now they have to come up with a new one. I particularly love how the elite show little respect for this true god and continually break one of his main rules lol If the elite can't respect him then why should I? But even funnier than that is the whole elite martyrdom Bwaaahahahah did the muslim elite insist on that part lol

I do doubt Chris or whatever your real name is has anything to do with the elite but he does do a great impression of one. for me the only interesting part of this whole charade is the magic element. The buzz I feel when my brain accelerates whilst reading your words is very pleasurable, I noticed others had commented also on this but I do worry if it is entirely one way? because these things seldom are and lets face it you guys aren't above mind rape from what I'VE picked up. I hope your not going to end the thread with a fake assassination heart attack courtesy of your sponsors for telling too much because that would be lame.

Yes The Russian, I agree it is only a matter of time before the announcement of the god particle arrives Oh! what wonders do await us in the coming years?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9644780

Ok, I will rephrase: 10% are human. "Not all people are human," that's what I ment. Also, who is supressing information from you? Look how many conspiracy websites are out there with legit information - just look for it and grab whatever you need! Many perpetual engines websites to get independancy from electric/gas companies. Knowledge is everywhere. Only not available for lemmings ("mass public"), that's the only difference. Those, who start to wake up gain access to this information, aren't they?
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