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Message Subject Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A
Poster Handle the darkness comes
Post Content
Sorry, missed your last question. I knew all these things after experiencing 12 hrs of lost time on a mountain.

hi christopher,

how are you today?

1. Are you requested by your sponsors to perform certain rituals? How do they communicate with you?

2. I know you're not convinced about hidden hand and his thread elsewhere that i am not permitted to use the name of, but is there perhaps any truth to what he says about the 95% negative or 51% positive rule? (becasuse i really like those odds. I don't think I know more than 3 people who could make 95% negative...)

3. Do you sometimes wish you had a normal life and didn't have to exhaust your body with magick? (did you say the life expectancy of people in your position is around 40?)

4. Are your sponsors happy about your revelations here online?

By the way, your spiritual declaration to Noah on Myspace was a great read, how do you know these things?
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