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Message Subject Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A
Poster Handle Mind=Blown
Post Content
Hello Chris and All,

Thanks for all the information. Interesting thread.

I'm asking for assistance. I've been sidelined this lifetime because of bad karma. I guess I did something pretty rotten so have had to live with a sealed crown chakra this lifetime.

However, there is some kind of bleed through. I've been able to figure SOME things out. I'm often called a witch or shaman by others and I'm not potent, in my opinion.

Anyway, I just wonder if you have any ideas for me? I feel sure there is a solution somewhere.

My plan is to get to the Himalayas as soon as I can but that might take a while. So far, nothing I've tired is working. I'm itching to "be in the game" but am too limited to be of any help.

I'm giving my appreciation in advance and I'll also include a link to my palms, maybe you can see something there too.

[link to photobucket.com]
 Quoting: aNONaMITTy 9834739

Hi there,

Here's the good news;

You are d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y a player in this game but it is not karma's judgment why you walk around with a sealed crown chakra nor is it anything to do with a past life. There is nothing in this reality that can stop an individual from opening their chakras should the individual TRULY desire it.

The bad news;

You do not desire it,

Your view of who you are has been warped by their programming for instance why go to the Himalayas? When you already know a chakra can be opened from any location. I suspect the Himalayas idea is one of many delaying tactics you have devised over the years.
Why itch to "be in the game" when you admit lack of potency and limitations?
The truth is you're as strong as any one of us, you have unique talents that are neither limited or lacking in potency, what are you waiting for?

The really good news;

The choice is yours, do you continue to construct in your mind, an elite programmed version of a spiritual warrior. A superhero shaman who traverses the globe, righting wrongs and gaining enlightenment along the way just like Carmen Sandiego. A daydream so awesome that no-one can live up to it and yet another reason for YOU not to try.


Do you let go of this PROGRAMMED ideal and realize you are already taking part in the game AND fighting.
Each day you ignore your purpose,
Each day you ignore the evil around you,
Each day you take the easy option because you don't wont to get involved...is a day you fight for them.

If you truly desire to fight for a better class of person then I suggest you let go of the past and reboot. Deny your demons and help others around you, in time your crown chakra will open.

Hope this helps.
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