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Message Subject Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A
Poster Handle the darkness comes
Post Content
You have a great double life line on one palm. This means you have a good guardian (either in your life or something like a 'guardian angel'). You have a weird Mount of Lower Mars - I'd say it's underdeveloped, meaning you have trouble motivating yourself. You also have more logic than you do willpower to carry it out. Seems like from your palm you need to work on self-motivation. You have vertical lines on the Mount of Luna, meaning you must travel in order to stay clear-headed. Your head & life lines are very separated, showing you have the opposite mindset of your parents or whoever raised you, and you may not be close to them. Your Mount of Lower Mars is something I've never seen though - if I were to GUESS I'd say you fluctuate between fits of anger and fits of depression. Remind me later, and I'll try to find what the experts say it means. Tell me if I got anything right here.

Hello Chris and All,

Thanks for all the information. Interesting thread.

I'm asking for assistance. I've been sidelined this lifetime because of bad karma. I guess I did something pretty rotten so have had to live with a sealed crown chakra this lifetime.

However, there is some kind of bleed through. I've been able to figure SOME things out. I'm often called a witch or shaman by others and I'm not potent, in my opinion.

Anyway, I just wonder if you have any ideas for me? I feel sure there is a solution somewhere.

My plan is to get to the Himalayas as soon as I can but that might take a while. So far, nothing I've tired is working. I'm itching to "be in the game" but am too limited to be of any help.

I'm giving my appreciation in advance and I'll also include a link to my palms, maybe you can see something there too.

[link to photobucket.com]
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