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Message Subject Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A
Poster Handle the darkness comes
Post Content
Purgatory is what 'ghosts' are stuck in, and you go there from excessive attachment to earthly things like money.

Never watched it. I don't watch TV much.

Did you watched the show "Supernatural"? ... What do you think about it (if you watched it) and if there is any truth in it?

About that cabalist¨s calculator, where can I find explanations for the results you gave¨s?
 Quoting: 7.X.Brighter

 Quoting: the darkness comes

I have no TV, I gifted him. I took off the series from pirate.bay .... Too bad you're not watched, the story is about angels and demons on earth ... After a hell, purgatory comes ... I hoped that you can say something about purgatory and what is in it ....
 Quoting: 7.X.Brighter
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