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Message Subject Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A
Poster Handle the darkness comes
Post Content
Trust me, if currently ruling elites were evil and wanted mass death, then you'd see billions dead in a year. They'd release airborne rabies w/ a six-month incubation period. . . into most major airports on Earth. Over 20,000 nuclear weapons on Earth & only 2 have been used should be proof Elites aren't foaming-at-mouth evil nuts hell-bent on destruction.

Yes, they use evil deeds for good intentions. The new religion will hold that knowledge is equal to love and the combination of those 2 things leads to a better world. Beatles were wrong, love isn't all you need.

Yes, they're the same. But it's important to note Zionists aren't what I'd call 'real jewish people'. Zionist & Globalist Elites both plan on Judaism & Islam nearly mutually destroying each other. The plan is for Christians, Muslims, jewish people to get fed up w/ their religions and abandon them mostly for a new religion.


 Quoting: the darkness comes

I knew that zionist aren´t real jewish people but what i know that zionists are very very evil. You would say that zionists use evil methods to achieve good goals, am i right? norespect

Can you describe roughly how the new religion will be?

And why don´t you tell something about real life goals like unconditional love?
 Quoting: Frani

 Quoting: the darkness comes

Thanks for your answer. So the zionists aren´t evil? So albert pike wasn´t evil? So the new world order isn´t evil? Was It all just a big Conspiracytheory? Please explain this to me and how is the big pitcure then looking like
 Quoting: Frani
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