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Message Subject Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi, Chris.
Something is terribly wrong with Jordan!!!
Its too peaceful.. and tolerant towards Israel..
You urgently have to fix it!!
People in this country should start killing each other like in all other places, which you have touched before.
For sake of God and Humanity of course...
 Quoting: ConTroll

fnar ^

bless him tho' -he's still trying

i've heard it said that when pissing in the wind, its the stubborn pishy drips which cling furiously to ones shiny clean clothes-and cast an odour which unmistably reaks of..
well, you know

which give the game away

('oh the ignomy, oh the shame - to make ones privates public - for game' )
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10566881

Hello from a fellow United Kingdom GLP'er, your writing style is unmistakable.

Can I ask, why do you object and mock Chris for his efforts here?
 Quoting: Mind=Blown 10723010

good question , thank you

because i know what he is trying to do-and why
i know how he is trying to do it- and why he utilises such pissy worthless circus magick -and why he has such faith in it
i know he cannot achieve his ends with his current level of development and seeks to manipulate others into doing it for him ( that's the underwhelming 'power' of the negativity he channels )
i know that the karmic consequences of his actions and those of the people he is manipulating will come back on him ( /them- should they choose to be manipulated such)
and think he/they should know

i object to manipulation and control , using 'secret' traditions and knowledge and perversion of divine cosmic law and i mock his attempts as they are risible

and i know he is ulitmately pissing in the wind
and a good soul ( inside )
i know he has been deceived himself
i empathise with that

and i hope that by making it clear that i know this

this truth will resonate in that small part of him which remains synonymous to truth
and will light his way back home -to his truer self

in this lifetime or some other , somewhere down the line
once he's paid his karmic debt - and learned from it

the words are for his sponsors as much as for him

why am i here ? god knows -but intuitively it feels right for now
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10566881

You are correct.
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