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Message Subject Elite Family Insider Returns for Q&A
Poster Handle Frani
Post Content
Check out this psychic site: [link to psitalent.de]

Maybe your elite isn´t bad but there are other powerful groups which are evil and for example practising black magick rituals which childs etc.....and there are a lot of powerful psychopaths on this planet, why don´t you tell anything about psychopaths?

By the way i know the psychic and host of the site i mentioned personally................... he isn´t a liar or "conspiracytheorist"

And why do you suspress the german population since hitler( i live in germany and born in berlin)? Maybe because the heart-chakra of the earth is in germany (berlin)?

What about chemtrails? What about codex aellimentarus? I could wrote a second earth song.................and earth song and they don´t care about us was targeted to the elite you belong to................
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