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Why I hate the USA


User ID: 28491047
United States
11/26/2012 02:01 AM
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Re: Why I hate the USA
I know that the problem isn't an American problem. It is a jew parasite problem. America is now under Aryan control. America will leave jews to their fates as even jews know they are done as well as their sympathizers. Aryans have SKYNET. SKYNET will go live soon enough. Aryans transcend religion and nations as we are in most religions and good nations just as jew parasites are race, Aryan Angels are a race. We are the final solution. See how Aryans don't play, don't need fox news, music or movies or puppets or any other jew ways as we will pull the plug on EVERY single jew and their sympathizers around the world at the exact same time in a very clean and efficient manner. It will almost be too humane and ending for the jew parasites after all the chaos and destruction they have caused on Earth. Jews are desrving of way much worse then the way Aryans will end the jews. We are the Aryan race. We run this fucking town called Earth, not jews or their enablers. We will show the world that Aryans mean business and that the divine is on our side because the divine is who we are. The total annihilation of jews is unstoppable. The 4th Reich is here. Later fucking jew scum.
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I'm praying the Mayans didn't fuck up their math.
"So much, for the glory of Rome...“

User ID: 21280970
United States
11/26/2012 02:42 AM
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Re: Why I hate the USA
All those proposals seem decent and reasonable to me. I have know idea why America would choose to vote against them unless it would mean giving our position as policeman of the world.