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illuminati deaths

Kevin Gervis Coxen
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User ID: 1369404
United States
05/05/2011 08:29 AM
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illuminati deaths
It seems that God wants to start your sentence now. I guess you will start losing YOUR kids. God wil be taking dimwit kids i guess. Maybe he needs fertilizer, who knows.

Please post obits here as i suspect some creativity is in order.

Seems you tampered with Jesus' lil buddy. Bad move. Pay now and pay later or pay more than you tiny little brains can comprehend.

Whats cool is the math designed for you guys.

Pay up, bitches.

^E Kin

Nike v
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1337613
United States
05/10/2011 12:07 PM
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Re: illuminati deaths
They will pay for every death with their own lives.