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Message Subject dO THE ILLUMINATI BELEIVE...........................
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Rothchild may be the proud father of the Illuminati but the Bloodline can be traced back to Biblical days.

Learn the real Illuminati bloodlines. Study the heck out of them and you will start seeing what is happening on this planet. These bloodlines have always controlled the planet. It is like they were given rights to the planet and they have keep their bloodline clean throughout history.

They are all related and all US Presidents have been blood related as well. ALL 44 of them.

This is a game, but remember if there is an Illuminati of Evil then there is also an Illuminati of Love and peace.

Everything has two sides. We just know about the evil side because I feel the true peaceful Illuminati are staying hidden until their time to shine. Their name may be illuminati also but it could be anything. Blood relatives have always ran this planet but many of us were blind to this knowledge until very recently.
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