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Message Subject RED ALERT!!! Massive cover-up underway in the White House! Natural Born Citizen Definition SCRUBBED FROM ALL ONLINE DICTIONARIES!!!
Poster Handle Revolution
Post Content
I do not argue your point on this and do agree with you 100% with your postes.

However, I would like to interject that the literal translation of the French "Les Naturales ou indigenes" would be the naturals of the indigenous. Meaning "the indigenous naturals." Or rather, the natural people indigenous(natives) to the land or country; those born of the land they occupy.
They have maintained here that since Vattel wrote in French, and his exact wording for Natural-Born is, "Les Naturales ou indigenes" which literally translated would mean "the naturals or natives", Vattel can not be used as a reference for the wording of the Constitutional requirement of Natural Born Citizenship. But, Vattel's definition (in English) is as follows:

 Quoting: Revolution

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1345946

That's all well and good, except not only are you refuting a quote that I took from the wikipedia debate on whether or not Vattels definition should be included in the wiki article, but you in fact verify exactly what NATURAL BORN CITIZEN means!

If you are born to TWO parents who are BOTH American citizens, you are NATIVE to America and indigenous. This DOES NOT mean you are an Indian, just that you are a NATIVE of the country!
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