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Message Subject RED ALERT!!! Massive cover-up underway in the White House! Natural Born Citizen Definition SCRUBBED FROM ALL ONLINE DICTIONARIES!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well…aren't some of the sites pure dictionaries hence would not have had a listing for N-B-C in the past.

Or do you have old and new listings for each?

You can find material on page one of a google for instance.

Honestly…we need Trump to press the matter, if he doesn't no one else will.

I mean…the 9th Circuit Liberals are unlikely to come down hard on the Obama matter now are they?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1202994

We need TRUMP to press the matter??? LOL!!!!!!

Google: 2008 Trump Obama.
You will find LOTS of articles about Trump saying what a loser Bush was and how we needed Obama's change.

Trump gave BeHO cover to release his BC before the 9th Circuit heard the case without folks attributing the release to the court case. Don't worry about Donald Dump Trump.... he'll get his deal for acting the the Trump Chump for BeHO.

Highly unlikely that Trump will be pressing this issue.
His other job is to make the Pubbies look like asses... as is he.
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