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Message Subject RED ALERT!!! Massive cover-up underway in the White House! Natural Born Citizen Definition SCRUBBED FROM ALL ONLINE DICTIONARIES!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

YES! The baby would be a citizen, UNDER the 14th AMENDMENT. But unless it can be verified that the child has TWO AMERICAN PARENTS, it WILL NOT be a Natural Born Citizen!
 Quoting: Revolution

Did you know:

Only six other U.S. presidents had a foreign-born parent. Mr. Obama will be the first in nearly ninety years, since President Herbert Hoover was inaugurated in 1929.

Andrew Jackson (1829-1837) is the only president born of two immigrants, both Irish. Presidents with one immigrant parent are Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809), whose mother was born in England, James Buchanan (1857-1861) and Chester Arthur (1881-1885), both of whom had Irish fathers, and Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921) and Herbert Hoover (1929-1933), whose mothers were born respectively in England and Canada.

[link to community.myvoa.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1158628

History repeats itself. BTW it doesnt matter if Obama was born on the moon. He is the President and their is nothing we can do about it. I hate it also but that does not change anything. The Elite love when the Pawns which is us to get mad and afraid. They love it so much they have special days for their evil days of fear. May 1 is a very evil illuminati holiday. The entire time of April 19 to May 1 are illuminati holidays and many false flags events such as Gulf oil spill
columbine high shooting
Hitlers birthday,
Oklahoma bombing.

Anyway this was planned. It was not a wag the dog moment because they do not care anymore what is being picked up by people who are awake. They are doing things now that shows they do not care what we think. Remember we are human and we need to come together when TSHTF because we can only survive as a team. Divided we fall and right now the Illuminati are doing everything to divide everyone. Birthers was created to fight Obama supporters. Look at the Backlash card if you dont believe Obama was hand selected to join his Royal Bloodline of relatives who were the 44 Presidents to date.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1323236

Amen. You should graduate to a real screenname because I like the way you think and want to talk to you again or read your posts, atleast.

They are also demonstrating to us who are awake, the power they have over the sheeple. In that they can do anything, say anything, and if the media reports it as so on TELEVISION - then so it shall forever be.

Me? ditched the cable/satellite TV long ago, I shall neva go back. PEACE OUT HOMIES.
 Quoting: Sheilaaliens

Thanks for your kind words. I guess I have been lurking too long but sometimes I just feel like sitting in the back and watching the words of so many smart people such as yourself. I havent been posting here too long but I do like the content listed. Please read my other thoughts on the Osama rising from the sea or whatever it was called. It will open eyes like never before. The puzzle is coming together nicely since we know the Illuminati sacred dates are in line with all the major evil in this country. Lucifer guides the illuminati although many dont believe in Lucifer or God. It does not matter to any of us what we believe. I could believe in dirt but the Royal Bloodlines who are the Illuminati have a dark side and worship Lucifer although I believe there is also a good side of the Elites we have no idea about. I could be wrong but if there is Evil and Lies, Good and Truth must also be present. Peace be with you.
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