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Message Subject RED ALERT!!! Massive cover-up underway in the White House! Natural Born Citizen Definition SCRUBBED FROM ALL ONLINE DICTIONARIES!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Natural born citizen refers to a person upon which citizenship is the result of being born on American soil.

There is no other definition.

A person born in another country of parents that are American
is a cit zen, but not natural born.

A person who is naturalized comes here as a citizen of another country.

Obama is a natural born citizen if he was born in Hawaii, even if his daddy was Hitler
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1124613

Let me ask you: are you ignorant, stupid or a flat out liar?

It has already been discussed here and elsewhere that Vatell's "Law of Nations" provides that the definition must include citizen parents.

John Jay, a Founding Father, wrote that it was important for any president not to have divided loyalties. Someone born to foreign citizens would have divided loyalties.

Obama co-sponsored a Senate Resolution that declared since Obama had two US citizen parents, McCain was a natural born citizen.
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