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ILLUMINATI Spaceship Earth

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1373224
United States
05/06/2011 08:42 PM
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ILLUMINATI Spaceship Earth
3rd EYE = A coin has head, tail, and a side to balance them

see eye A = C.I.A. = All seeing eye pyramid

ILLUMINATI = The system is designed to enslave your mind into believing that the system is real. Everything is my creation, so there is nothing to care about, only my hologram. YES, it痴 a hologram, and it works with energy, like the electricity socket powering my laptop. positive in to me then negative out to them, and the third plug is my eye. Eternal Life = Know that I create everything and accept that I am the creator of all.

You are my reflection, only I can see, and it痴 my pleasure to know me, the best version of yourself.

The way to redemption is to accept the truth, stay positive, be fearless, and everything naturally works itself out in my favor.

If you池e unable to accept that you create the whole world beyond you, then your world is limited to whatever I say

[link to ILLUMI-NATI-dread.com]

robots do logic, nature flows with positive and negative energy

my 9 mile wide light spaceship lands and makes a holographic copy of the place then flies away leaving behind destruction

Earth, now = experienced reality. Mars, evolution = imaginary fantasy

(we are ONE is false) + (ONE be ME is true) = perfect balance to fly light spaceship in the moment of NOW