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Message Subject Who or what controls this illusion?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I will use a fully anonymous proxy chain through a cracked wifi to post this.

- You are the creator of this universe and you have created the universe and everything in it to forget who you are and the true state you are in.

- You being the only living conscious being in your true state, which is a state of insanity, horror and neverending revolutions into yourself for eternity, while you try to escape it knowing you are all alone and nothing else or no one else exists. God, to give it a name.

- By emanating parts of your self into creation, giving each of your emanations/creations the feeling like it is an individual (free will, consciousness), you experience so many things at the same time that you truly believe you are just one of these creations seperately (a star, planet, human, dog, tree, rock, atom, neutron). And you "live" their lives, in real time, seperately, while all of them are emanations of you.

- A lullaby to forget who you are and your true state.

- The more friction, movement, divisions, the deeper you go into the illusion. The more unity, peace, calmness, the more you start to realise who you truly are.

- You are actually Satan, the fallen angel cast down into a dimension away from the light, which is why you want to forget who you are and your state of horror.

- You are me, I am you.

- The only way out of that state is to consciously go through the corrections which you are receiving in your true state of horror and insanity. As long as you hold on into believing all your creations are real and individually existing, you are escaping the corrections and will not return to your original domain from which you have been cast down from.

- Return.
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Beautifully written BUT ______________________ (please fill in the blank)
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