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Message Subject Who or what controls this illusion?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I can pretty much see through all the bullshit of this illusion and will sum in up below.

1) It's scripted shit - Your character role is scripted and so is the storyline.

2) Law of attraction is bullshit - It doesn't matter what you say, do, think or believe - The who or what that controls this illusion will sometimes give you what you believe but sometimes not. There is no set formula or rhyme or reason.

3) It seems like a sort of "inverted reality" where you get often what you don't want and what you want is unreachable. Though once in awhile the PC (Program controller) throws out a "cookie" or a "carrot" to pull you along down different "rabbit holes"

4) No one know anything! All you know is you think therefore you are! You can't trust your perceptions. Where do your thoughts, feelings come from? Are your thoughts and feelings scripted by the PC (Program controller)

So my question for you is WHO or WHAT do you think controls this illusion?

It could be the following:

1) Evil Aliens

2) We're already microchipped at birth and we're already programmed

3) We have a higher or expanded part that is "pooping out" scene after scene.

Now I'm going with number 3) because it seems to me I have this big blob or PC (Program Controller) or expanded self or higher self that just "poops out" scenes regardless of what I feel about that scene. It is like this machine that just robotically produces scenes and even has scripted my thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions. It's all scripted bullshit and yes I've posted before.

It seems the Expanded Asshole that controls this illusion just keeps trying to suck me into the bullshit that is this illusion. It will try to suck me in by using those around me or events to get me going down "rabbit holes" again or buying into the kaka that is this illusion.

Problem is I ain't buying it anymore. I really don't give a flying fuck whether there are chemtrails or whether we end up in FEMA camps...who cares? Just a storyline.

What pisses me off is the fact that I'm not "in the driver's seat". That there is some robotic or sick and twisted fuck of a being controlling the script and my scenes.

I'm looking to hear from others about what or whom they feel controls this illusion and the script.

Not looking for a discussion about whether this illusion is scripted or not.

Not looking for some mind control games by shilltards.

Not looking for a psych evaluation from amateurs who have their own mental problems

Was Descartes correct that some evil aliens are controlling this illusion?

Like I said I believe it's an expanded self that is robotic and "poops out" scenes and feels nothing about what I experience. But I can never know for sure.

The fucker sure likes to dangle "carrots" out there to get me going down "rabbit holes"..that's for sure...

The storyline sure doesn't interest me anymore...could care less about conspiracy shit or mainstream shit...'cause it's all shit...just more "TRAPS" the PC (Program Controller) is dishing out

And please no posts from arrogant condescending assholes who think they know for 100% anything...just your THEORIES because let's face it that's all we have!

I'm gonna read responses and not respond probably for awhile just 'cause I wanna read people's thoughts is all

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1316209

We are all part controller, part player, part observer and part affected, and therefore choose to actively or inactively engage or operate in a flexible multi-dimensional plane of physical, conscious and subconscious existence.
The problem is the playing ground we know as the cosmos is a growing infinite field, but we unfortunately are restricted to physically (but not mentally) playing in the physical realm known as Earth ...and therefore to some degree are restricted or as some feel imprisoned. Therefore we are born and forced to play out our individual roles in a ponderous an ongoing historic game...we call life and evolution.
Sadly unlike a computer games we canít preset, edit or change the starting conditions or origin point because we are part of a continuum and the actions of our parentís game. Nor can we really pull the plug and start again when things donít suit us...although sadly some use suicide as a way out.
The reality is that we choose and can define who we are and want to be in the game i.e., good, bad or whatever. But remember to take time to listen to whatís inside because sadly we are playing in a very crowded competitive ecosystem (playing area) so therefore need to develop the personal skills, knowledge and abilities needed to grow and fulfil who and what you want to be.
The most frustrating part is that the game came be slow or effected by others, who force you to do things that donít fit in with you or your ideas and there are very few cheats to get past certain systems to get directly to where you want to be or feel you need to be, so it is hard work and quite boring at times, because you might not fit in with your surroundings or with you fellow players, but these are all lessons too...but we are often too impatient to see or understand that the game is really a personal journey and everyoneís journey is unique. I wish it could be fairer and more equal and happier for everyone..but as I said before the universe (and the game) is infinite, and this is only one of many that you have chosen to live, feel, experience and play...so enjoy the good times, have patience in the slow times and learn from the bad ....hope that helps?
 Quoting: humanitech

Careful with the mind/ego trap. Searching for lessons in illusion is a highly questionable activity. lol

See what I mean? People read stuff and they take it on as belief and then they regurgitate it or parrot the beliefs and don't really question it anymore.

I've had experiences and I'm continuing to have those experiences over and over again which is pointing to a scripted illusion.

Best to distrust what is thrown at you in this illusion because it is like the "pide piper" leading me down another "rabbit hole"
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