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Message Subject Who or what controls this illusion?
Poster Handle T~ (OP)
Post Content
You stole the chicken didn't you...LOL
 Quoting: T~ (OP) 4603000

Yes, I did steal the chicken, sorry about that, but it was in the script.

Thought you might relate to it, as it tied in with your metaphor of a "thread" and is also similar to what Carl Jung and Alan Watts said about existing on two levels at once which was mentioned earlier in the thread.

The shaman is able to act as an intermediary between the society and the supernatural, or to put it in Jungian terms, he is an intermediary to the collective unconscious. Through the office of the shaman, the society at large is brought into close and frequent encounter with the numinous archetypal symbols of the collective unconscious. These symbols retain their numinosity, immediacy, and reality for the society through their constant reaffirmation in shamanic ritual and through the shaman's epic narration of mythical scenarios and his artistic production. The shaman does more, however, than just recite the myths or express the religious symbolism in making ritual artifacts; the shaman lives the myth. By virtue of his superhuman, transformed state, he enacts the role of the mythical hero: He can fly through the air, talk to the gods, see everywhere, understand the animals, and perform other feats characteristic of a semidivine entity.
 Quoting: Terence McKenna

'The Figure of the Shaman' - from page 14 onwards of Invisible Landscape
[link to www.google.co.uk]
 Quoting: Bra Man 9217434


Thanks for your very interesting posts...I had a close friend when I lived in California in my 20s who belonged to the 'Friends of Jung Society'....Anyways I had an experience around that time...I pictured something happening exactly how I wanted it and 4 hours later it happened exactly as I pictured it. I thought I was seeing into the future at the time but now I realize I created that situation. I think my 'Bigger part' has been trying to wake me up for awhile but I so enjoyed playing the 'limitation game' LOL

I'll check out the link. Thanks!

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