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Left Handed Astrology Aspects

Left Hander
User ID: 706110
United States
05/08/2011 12:37 AM
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Left Handed Astrology Aspects
If you have the following aspects in you're natal chart, it's likely you're left handed or have the capability of being left handed if you were taught to be right handed;

[link to www.hassanjaffer.com]

1- Aspects from Saturn to Mercury i.e. any angle between these two planets. There are five main aspects(Conjunction, Opposition, Square, Trine, Sextile) and if you have them in your chart, then you will have some or all of the traits we have mentioned here.

2- Sign of Capricorn on either side of the 3rd house i.e. if your M.C. is Cancer or Leo (column D or E in your Moon's transits).

3- Saturn in the 3rd house

4- Mercury in the sign of Capricorn


Out of the above I personally have;

1. Saturn(in Gemini) Square Mercury(in Pisces)

2. Capricorn in the 4th House

3. Saturn in Gemini(Solar 3rd House) but in the 9th natally.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1457637
United States
07/06/2011 07:50 PM
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Re: Left Handed Astrology Aspects
I'm left-handed and have the following:

Mercury trine Saturn and my Mercury is in Capricorn.

Great observation!peace