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Message Subject Hello, my name is Helio and im the ''Sun God'' of the Freemasonic ''Sun Order''.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Let me tell you that sometime ago i told a Christian that i was The Sun God (Helio), the Spirit behind the mysterious number of 6.6.6 and he quickly told me that i was not the one true God
and that i should keep quiet and be good to people...
and that left me thinking to myself
if i am not the one true God of Christianity, and just another Anti-Christ, shouldnt i be the opposite of quiet and good, kinda like LOUD and EVIL perhaps??.
and i even remember trying to convince him that i was the 'destroyer', the one who was going to bring chaos and destruction, but some other Christian type person sayed:
'If you have plans of a destructive nature, then i suggest you keep quiet and consider being good to people...'

and that all left me thinking to myself, if Jesus the one true God of the bible says that he will come back one day to judge, kill, torture, and even destroy mankind of the civilized world, shouldnt perhaps HE seek guidance in his followers before he comes back ?? what do you think ?.
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