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Message Subject Hello, my name is Helio and im the ''Sun God'' of the Freemasonic ''Sun Order''.
Poster Handle Anonymous Boo-Boo Kitty
Post Content
I have to prove that you are not a god resembling Helios, and you are not capable of turning water into wine, no matter how enlightened you think you are.

Et viola, Kelly can actually do it.

And your Sony computers are not as inexpensive nor as powerful as our NAUS computers. I have noticed that it is very difficult to open the optical drive door. The optical drive doors on our NAUS computers open very easily, you push on it ONCE and it opens.

Our computers have at least 120 Gigabytes of ram. They are entirely superconducting, and run at 400,000 mega gigahertz.

Yours run at no more than 70 GHz.

My job as the CEO of NAUS and AU was to check on our designs and make sure thet they worked perfectly and satisfied customer demands. I make my engineers analyses things, and I even tell them how to analyse things.

I got a 4.00 gpa from Michigan State University in mechanical engineering. I believe you don't really have any engineering degree. And you are the CEO of Sony corporation.

I am the inventor of the electric motors in our cars. I urged our engineers to work with American processor manufacturers and superconductor scientists to make superconducting components for our computers.

I also discovered antigravity technology and free power technology for the 1000th time. I know by talking to many ancient angels that it was invented back as long as 695,000 years ago.

People made antigravity ships and left the earth 600,000 years ago and went to Mars. They are still living there.

Venusians left the earth 75,000 years ago and explored the galaxy for 5000 years. They settled on the planetoid that they called Venusia, outside of the orbit of Venus.

They came to earth frequently.

Venusians now live near the earht on several spaceships that I designed and paid for. One of them is made of diamond and it is one mile in diameter!!!

My corporation AU built a blue sapphire tower in New York city, at ground zero, a week after I specified that we would do it. It is 3.5 miles high. It is about 10 times taller than the next tallest tower which is I believe 1800 feet tall.

We just built an identical tower in Paris 3 blocks away from the Eiffel Tower.

I paid for both towers.

I don't even care to know what they cost.

They are made of SOLID SAPPHIRE 6 feet thick at the base.

Our AU cars are going to completely eliminate all other automotive compmnaies in about 4 years or less. Nobody else has our technology or our manufacturing abilities.

I am completely sure that you were very happy when the terrorists struck down the World Trade Towers. But these sapphire towers are completely indestructable.

King of Israel

There is a great resaurant on the top floor of the
 Quoting: Ya Haveh!!! Gloria!!! 1396465

Sir; if I might make so bold, I can only hope that Kelly is also serving as your spell-checker... otherwise, you may only be making beautiful music together. 'Et viola' will only get you the smallest violin in the world, whereas 'et voila,' well... wine. Oh, look, it's new wine... :)

Best regards...
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