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Message Subject Hello, my name is Helio and im the ''Sun God'' of the Freemasonic ''Sun Order''.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Finnaly a good question!thank you for asking...
how can the antichrist be the christ and vice versa?
ill attempt to explain it here without having to write a 5 million page book over a period of 2000 years.

This is taken from a book called E.T astrology:

The principle which Pisces works with is the desire of attaining re-polarization
( poleshift ??) and
they manifest this through the process of resolving personal and social conflicts for the
purpose of self redemption. This is the world savior and the one who will give their lives
for a cause be it positive or negative.
This is a future sign and is usually 5 to
20 years ahead of the rest of the population due to their ability to mentally travel (many
times unconsciously) to the future.
Pisces is also the sign of
denial and many are prone toward falling into this state. However, Pisces is a glorious
symbol of the “crucifixion”” and the ability to fuse spirit into matter in all its forms.
Pisces epitomizes the saying “the meek shall inherit the Earth”. In Pisces many
astrologers see weakness after weakness but rarely can compliment those qualities
with the strengths of this sign which we will say is greater than all the other 11 signs put
together when the proper spiritual discipline and earnest motivation is present. It is the
end if there is an end of the zodiacal circle.

So to resume, in this starsign alone, we could find a poleshift,
a person who might fall into denial and perhaps deny that he himself came to this world in the flesh and potentially become an anti (against) God, also a world savior and not a destroyer, and an end, but an end to what?? to the zodiacle circle?? that might explain why the world has yet to blow up...

thank you for reading, Helio
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