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Message Subject Hello, my name is Helio and im the ''Sun God'' of the Freemasonic ''Sun Order''.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why dont you just tell them the truth and say...:

Researchers discovered nothing!

We are still looking for intelligent life and found none!

There is no pole shift!

We dont know what Lucifer is,

we are just reading old texts

that point to a man with wings and a sun halo on the head.

We dont read Monkeys minds!

We have too much money on our hands but you wont see any,

we rather give you free spiritual advice so you can go to a

spiritual website play the new age enlightened guru!

We are not arresting any cabal, we are just sending someone

to jail, but they will be right out!

We cannot stop killing children, its adictive and no one can stop us!

There are no black holes!

We are not scientists, we are Ziontists, its slightly diferent.

There are no five potential habitable exoplanets now or ever.

Nebuchanezer is no king or ever been a king, its simply another word for the kingdom of heaven, wich is also known as the zodiac.

The word Exorcist once broken down, its simply X-WHORE-CIST

basically a prostitute in a tomb.

The state of the economy does not matter because you have no money or you ever will.
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