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Message Subject Hello, my name is Helio and im the ''Sun God'' of the Freemasonic ''Sun Order''.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Blazar thread is funny also.

-(: and the what happened 25000 years ago on google.

50 nuke plants and china manufactoring as germany.


Boats for fishing a few fish in zoo's.

I just woke up ... Waiting for the click ... No more power company for 40 euro debt.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20571447

Speaking of the euro,

I would like to propose a new financial system,

a PEANUT financial system for the world,

since most people are

allready used to getting payed PEANUTS, they will have no

problem transitioning from a monetary system to a PEANUT

system, and because it grows on trees, you no longer have

to steal or look like a fool out there trying to make some

PEANUTS, because either you accept to receive a peanut on

your left hand or place a rosted one on your forehead at

the end times

it will matters very little, because from that point

forward you no longer buy or

sell without PEANUTS, and speaking of roasted nuts...

heres six hundred and sixty six PEANUTS:

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