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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle George B
Post Content
If you read the link provided . . . It explains what you want . . . The link is from Contrail Science . . . And by the way the above quote you object to is from Contrail Science . . . Not my quote . . .The photos neither support Chemtrails or Contrails . . . They are used to make people ask questions . . . Like almost all the photos I present.
 Quoting: George B

In that case you should present the complete text including the information you have on top of that. What you did here is pure quotemining in order to present a certain sentiment towards the subject.
 Quoting: Virga

We are not allowed to present 80% of the whole text for copyright infringement purposes . . . I also was in a hurry . . . I originally did not read the second part of the article . . . the writer was engaged in the same act you accuse me of . . . he presented a straw man to get the reader's attention. You can accuse me of being in a hurry . . . I was not intentionally trying to mislead the readers . . . and as I said your argument is moot . . . the reason for posting the pictures was to stimulate interest in the POLL . . . it doesn't support Chemtrails or Contrails . . .
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