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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle George B
Post Content
If you are a pilot or in the aircraft industry I would like to say the following:

The aircraft industry should admit they have allowed the boogyman of Chemtrails to take the heat for the last two decades for messing up the peoples' skies so they could maintain profit and volume without criticism.
 Quoting: George B

What data do you have to make such a claim?You rather see aviation returning to the state of the 60's with noisy engines guzzling fuel and exhausting a lot of soot and various harmful gasses resulting from an incomplete combustion?
 Quoting: Virga

To answer the first part of your question: What data do you have to make such a claim . . . first of all the science of Contrails has been well understood for decades, and the effect of High Efficiency engines are well known, next international conferences have discussed and debated the benefits for many years and cost savings was one of the most desired benefits of the new engines . . . I never saw one commercial aircraft expert try to explain to the public the reason for the ugly TRAILS in the SKY . . . CONCLUSION let CHEMTRAILs take the heat. By the way if I am not mistake the following graphic is from their publications.coffee4

[link to www.icao.int]

Figure 5.1. Aircraft emissions and their resulting potential impacts on climate change and welfare loss (developed for new report for CAEP, but adapted from Wuebbles et al., 2007, based on IPCC, 1999 and Fuglestvedt et al.,2003).

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