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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle Luvapottamus
Post Content

Why would anybody believe their own lying eyes?

Listen to the experts, nothing to see here,

now back to your TV's prolls!

(I'm actually with the Teller/Manhattan project camp, you can find the original artical from the Wall Street Journal by searching the Hoover Institution Archives)

Who luvs Hoover?

But I thought I'd post that video, a'cause it does provide some nice GLPish food for confusion.

And it's got normal contrails on it. Go boeing! We need MORE air traffic! For the new global economy! You know, flying around a lot, pushing paper. Much more gooder for the economy than using the internet to push digits.

Sell more fuel
Sell more teensy weensy toiletries
Sell mor asthma medicine
Sell more real stuff

Pushing around digits on the internet only sells more antidepressants. Flying around pushing paper does all of the above plus consumes real things, so more productive.

I luv petting my dogs' chaff off them after they've been outside for awhile. Prickley nano-splinters.

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