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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle SnakeAirlines
Post Content
You offer nothing to this thread... except the same tired ignorant rant.

You mean as ignorant and tired as you insisting that contrails are an insidious plot to kill you?

If you put all your posts together, what's clear is you don't really know and don't care to know.

I know lots about contrails...I've tried to share...Now I just point and laugh at losers like you...

Even the map George has showing the whole nation covered in lines, you don't see at all.

They're called contrails...Unlike you, I know what they are, and do not fear clouds...

Hours of spraying and not one line can acclimate to the atmosphere because its a chemical not a liquid.

Congratulations...You with your 'logic' (and I use that term loosely), you just 'proved' that clouds can not possibly exist...

What truly is amazing about you snake, just because you say aerosol spraying doesn't exist, yet here you are, offering nothing except your belief and thats not fact, its a belief you can't back up.

Have done...Repeatedly...Tis you that takes this myth on faith...

Just like an uneducated child...

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