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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle George B
Post Content
All right SNAKE give me a list of benefits . . . do they out weight pollution . . . a ship can carry, many, many more persons and cargo much cheaper and with less pollution per ton. They also employ many more personnel as well.
 Quoting: George B

Fuck you George...

I have been telling you chemmies for years on this site, that the only real way to get rid of the contrail clutter is to stop flying and refuse to buy goods shipped by air...

Suddenly it is all your idea...

Simply fuck you...

 Quoting: SnakeAirlines

Oh . . . You think I stole your Idea . . . O.K. Everyone . . . SNAKE has said for quite sometime . . . the only real way to get rid of the contrail clutter is to stop flying and refuse to buy goods shipped by air...

Feel better?huffy

I bet you never told your Dutch pilot that . . . pphtt
 Quoting: George B

I don't 'think' you did...I have your own words proving you did...

As to 'my Dutch pilot' (whoever that is)...

Most airline pilots understand that traffic will only increase in spite of whether you or I fly...

 Quoting: SnakeAirlines

This Dutch Pilot . . . . . Virga
If you are a pilot or in the aircraft industry I would like to say the following:

The aircraft industry should admit they have allowed the boogyman of Chemtrails to take the heat for the last two decades for messing up the peoples' skies so they could maintain profit and volume without criticism.
 Quoting: George B

What data do you have to make such a claim?
You rather see aviation returning to the state of the 60's with noisy engines guzzling fuel and exhausting a lot of soot and various harmful gasses resulting from an incomplete combustion?
 Quoting: Virga

To answer you last question . . . YES . . .aviation is almost a total waste of money and pollution . . . it is for the rich primarily to extend their vacations and party time. The occasional need for quick transport for medical evacuation, emergency spare parts can be accomplished by a fraction of the commercial aviation fleets. Military aviation is more of a waste . . .a total waste of life, money, and other precious resources. Aviation is almost totally unneeded . . . at least in its present bloated and ugly form. The world did quite well without it for two thousand years . . . give me one example other than the ones I mentioned above where it has been a necessary benefit to civilization? I will admit it has created some well paying jobs . . . .
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