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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle Resister
Post Content
Yes... kinda. I do believe that something other than simple commercial flight is taking place above my head. It's pretty obvious when you see a real contrail disapate right away while at the same time and right in the same section of sky several larger persistent stripes criss cross the real and disapating contrail's path. I even saw one plane a few month ago turn around and put about 3 horse shoe shapes in the sky one inside another and no, it wasn't a crop duster unless they fly at commercial jet altitude.

I have trouble however wrapping my brain around the logistics of what would be required to make what appear to be chemtrails on the scale that checkerboards the skys. Something doesn't make sense to me. If commercial planes are used then the stuff would have to be in the fuel itself otherwise there would be separate loading trucks in plain sight and tons of extra weight per plane. If it's the military then they would just have to be flying an incredible amount of airplanes to get all that stuff up there. Either way the cost of doing it not just in the US but across the planet would be mind boggling.

So, my eyes tell me something isn't right in the sky, but taking that next step to reason out how it would be done without even a single pilot or mechanic saying a word about it is a tough one.
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