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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle bubba
Post Content
yes, ever since march 25 when I walked outside to these funny looking sloud trails hanging low over the whole area, one taking up most of the space over the house and curving down to the horizon behind it. Fanning out from a central point. Got sick. Did some research. 3 weeks later, jets all day long, designs, patterns, same point of departure, return, got sick. Literally, looked like they put the area under a (plasma?) dome. 3 weeks later, woke up sick and they had already been here.

also we have had low frequency sounds for hours at night for intervals. last time, one base generator type sound and for 15 minutes, two separately pitched differently modulating wavesn both at higher pitches than the first, but not in a high range.base frequency lasted exactly 4 hours.

I think the purpose is not to cause sickness, that is a by product. I think they are for conductivity for frequency wave/vector military 4 dimensional space-time experiments, tests, and goals, including weather modification and potentially geological manipulation. We have the space center down here. Chaney was frequently in Florida over there, jacksonville,(naval air, sea, nuclear sub) and tampa (special ops)
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