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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have looked up through my entire life. I have always appreciated persistent contrails. They are what inspired me to take flying lessons. Looking up...and understanding what you are seeing when you look up are two separate things. Please take the time to learn about the jet engine, hydrocarbon combustion and air saturation. Knowledge about these three things will change your mind about "chemtrails". Or, don't bother educating yourself and keep on providing endless laughter for me. either way, no skin off my nose. I really enjoy the comedy that chemtards provide.

I'm quoting NOBLE here(trying to be cleaner when I post(how do you partial quote?)

I have watched contrails my entire life too.

And I didn't see any chemtrails until about 9 months after some hippies told my about them.

I started college early in advanced placement Chemistry. I didn't earn my degree, but I'm not a tard.

And I don't think chemtrail skeptics are tards either. Some are shills. Some are genuinely doubtful. There's a few tards on both sides of the issue.

I don't think you are one of them.

You're are a pilot?
It might violate FAA regulations, and I don't suggest you do it if it does, but if you could get a sample of commercial jet fuel from a plane being serviced, I'm sure some chemtrail sites would pay to have it qualitatively analyzed.

(I took flying lessons at age 11 FYI. Didn't take off or land, but did a few simple turns at the end of the seminar.)

They'd demand chain of custody(on fuel samples), but if you cared to put it to bed, there's a scientifically valid way to exclude some jets from doing it.

Or come on over to my Glass-Steagall thread and challenge me there. They may not seem related, but my issue might go a long way towards dealing with this issue.

For the record, I think it's pretty much "no holds barred" on pullution these days. Want it all cleaned up. But actually cleaned up, not some bogus "make it smell clean" measure like catalytic converters. Make the engine efficient
(all the FIATS I tested in washington state PASSED emissions without catalytic converters. Your SUV probably has at least 4 of them. Your mileage shouldn't suck as bad as it does, but a lot of your combustion is happening in your tailpipe.

Like here,

Attack me over there(it needs some spice)
 Quoting: Luvapottamus 1348760

I am no longer a pilot. I haven't flown in over 20 years. But I learned all about air saturation and the atmosphere in ground school.

And in order to get rid of pollution, we need to get rid of humans. Everything we do pollutes. That is why It's ridiculous to focus on one thing.

Also, "believing" that there is something in the fuel is just plain crazy! The fuel itself is toxic...so are the gases from hydrocarbon combustion. ALL hydrocarbon combustion creates pollution!

I have no reason to attack you...you almost seem reasonable. I won't be going to your other thread. I'm only here to entertain myself at the expense of the chemtards. Three "chemtrail" threads are all I can handle right now.
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