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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle George B
Post Content

If that is what you think . . . Why??? I try to tell the truth. . . .where ever it goes. . . I present evidence when I find it . . . I think there is substantial circumstantial evidence that an intentional aerosol injection program exists and nothing I have found has
changed my mind . . .peace
 Quoting: George B

Do you know why it exists? Why are they spraying? And what?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17957913

I think there are several experimental programs which don't amount to much and are likely localized for the most part; however, the global program is stratospheric or near stratospheric injection of sulfur compounds via spiked jet fuel for the most part. . . to change the rate of
global warming . . . either to slow it down or speed it up . . . coffee4
 Quoting: George B

George, just my 2 cents, I think the chemtrail planes/drones/ufo's- whatever they may be, are totally different from the other planes we see. I doubt that passenger planes are being risked/used for chemtrail spraying, plus these planes do not have the lingering trails from my observations.
Don't you think that it would be risky/messy to add chemicals to Jet Fuel?
 Quoting: VTCW 17992003

Sulfur compounds up to 5,500 ppm have been spiked in fuel without problems for aircraft performance . . . the normal sulfur concentration is around 500 or ten times less . . . so one can add ten times the normal level and no one would know the difference . . . this level of added sulfur would dramatically alter the climate through global dimming . . . coffee4

I am not saying other aerial injection programs are not in play with dedicated craft and other substances . . . however, commercial aircraft could certainly be used through sulfur spiked fuel. . .
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