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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle George B
Post Content
Gee, Whore-Hay...

Thanks for the facts about contrails that absolutely no one disputes...

 Quoting: SnakeAirlines


Pssssst . . . don't tell anyone but they (Trails) are really more than contrails . . . they are a serious climatic factor . . . and eventually will have to be dealt with . . .
 Quoting: George B

 Quoting: SnakeAirlines

Since this has been known for years. . . . Why has there not been one practical mitigation process, procedure or policy implemented. . . .?????spock

From another active thread. . . .
Thread: Chemtrails? Doubtful. Things chemtards don't (or can't) understand. (Page 33)

visibility has little to do with chemtrails. . . visibility of an aerosol is an extremely short lived characteristic. . . .that was the purpose of the cited search . . . to see if increased sulfur concentrations into geoengineering useful levels would affect engine efficiency and visibility
 Quoting: George B

And your entire premise is that 'they' are using contrails for 'geoengineering' by using sulphur 'spiked' fuel in order to make more contrails and reflect sunlight...

Using your own links, I proved that higher sulphur makes contrails dissipate faster...

Back to my recent statement:

In your fucked up mind...

"Everything that proves you wrong, 'proves' you right'"

 Quoting: SnakeAirlines

You assume something has to be visible (to the unassisted human eye) to reflect sunlight and/or heat. . . far from the truth. . . most of the particulate from volcanoes for example dissipate in the jet streams and trail winds . .
. the sulfur compounds may never have been visible except in the (invisible) infrared portion of the light spectrum and only then because they form a layer of warmer air when observed with the proper equipment.
. . .see the photo below. . . .this is an infrared enhanced photo from NASA. . . .it shows persistent trails and cirrus cloud banks from space. . . because of the width and lower cloud cover these were probably not visible from the ground. . . .yet they were there and had climatic effect. . . .
Chemtrail Southe [link to earthobservatory.nasa.gov]
 Quoting: George B

The scientists, who advocate geoengineering methods such as spraying millions of tonnes of reflective particles of sulphur dioxide 30 miles above earth...
 Quoting: FK NBL 2562242


Whore-Hay sez that 'particulates' can 'reflect' light while 'invisible'...

 Quoting: SnakeAirlines

They can be visible to the human eye as well. . . it all depends on the situation. . . size of particle, concentration, altitude, humidity, temperature, dissipating winds, lower cloud cover, night time versus day time, etc.. . .each situation is different. . . if I were managing an intentional aerosol injection program that is exactly what I would count on. . . . coffee4
 Quoting: George B
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