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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle George B
Post Content
[link to www.pbs.org]

The Contrail Effect
• By Peter Tyson
• Posted 04.18.06

Taking action

So does Travis, who feels the fact that we can measure a change of any sort should be cause for concern. Even a slight alteration of the daily temperature range, for instance, can have repercussions, he says. "To you and I, that may seem like a nice comfortable-sounding scenario—the days are not as hot, the nights are not as cold—but for natural ecosystems, this could be a real problem. For one thing, you need to have extreme temperatures to weed out the weaker species—it's classic Darwinism."
For this reason, Travis believes we shouldn't sit by and wait to see what happens with contrails. "Anytime we can see an effect from something artificial like that, I think we want to try to do something about it," he says. The British government, for one, may be about to. It's considering requiring planes to fly at lower altitudes over Great Britain in hopes of promoting fewer contrails.
I too will be looking at contrails with a new eye—a jaundiced one. Though I will admit that if they were black as soot, it would be a lot easier.
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