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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle Noble
Post Content
From the other Thread . . .  Thread: Chemtrails? Doubtful. Things chemtards don't (or can't) understand. (Page 45)


LOL!!! You actually believe it's a REQUIREMENT for the experts to put 10
 times more effort into proving chemtards wrong?
! No wonder they don't try as hard as you'd like! It's just not worth the effort! In their 
minds, they feel the chemtards are just a bunch of online losers who are too stupid to grasp the concepts no matter how well they are explained. 

And PLEASE back up that statement about how conspiracy nuts are more "intuitive". If you ask me, you are confusing the words imaginative and intuitive! Ill give the chemtards this...they are CERTAINLY 
imaginative...just as Chicken Little and Don Quixote. That DOESN'T make them right! 

They aren't "difficult" to argue with..they are hilarious to argue with!
 Quoting: Noble

It is their burden if they wish to change the minds of chemtrail advocates .
 . . grinning

Intuitive or imaginative . . . Whatever you wish to call it is fine with me . . .
 Quoting: George B

They don't care...It's NOT their burden! chemtards try to MAKE it their burden, but the onus is on the chemtards to prove there are any such things as "chemtrails". So far, chemtards have failed to support their accusations. 

I also call them "delusional". Thanks for your support.
 Quoting: Noble

Feelings are mutual  . . . Chemtrail advocate think the "experts" are just too conditioned by their training, education and career restraints to think with an open mind . . . We think their inability to see common sense is delusional as well . . . goodnews
 Quoting: George B

Any excuse to bump your own thread.

Like this exchange needed to be saved...


The fact that you believe that chemtards have "common sense" because they connect dots that don't exist, is hilarious.
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