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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here's the thing I don't get...

Why aren't the people who work on the airfield, the ones who breathe concentrated jet exhaust every day as a part of being an airport employee, affected by all these supposed toxins?

What about those people who sit at the end of the runway watching airplanes take off and land? I've done that and I can smell the exhaust.

Whereas, nobody can smell the exhaust of a jet as it flies overhead at 35,000 feet.

If the poisoning is in the fuel, and the pilots don't know about it, then why aren't airport workers and airport enthusiasts affected by all this "spraying?"

Why are there no political leaders coming out in opposition to this? Why are there no lawsuits?

My point is, chemtrails are BULLSHIT. They do not exist.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9785972

[link to www.injuredonflight.com]

A US Airways plane that left 15 people ill in January has again sickened passengers and crew, this time on a flight scheduled to leave Charlotte this morning.

Nine people were taken to the hospital this morning from Charlotte/Douglas International Airport after complaining of symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic fumes. Two pilots, five flight attendants and two passengers . . . 

The aircraft, a Boeing 767, also was involved in a January incident in which eight passengers and seven crew members complained of headaches and nausea on a US Airways flight to Charlotte from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. The plane was grounded for six days while workers discovered and repaired the problem, which was a slight fuel leak into the cabin air system, Mohr said.

 Quoting: George B


What does that have to do with supposed "chemtrails"?!

It was a leak...and people were breathing it in...

I love how you manage to fit completely unrelated pieces into the supposed puzzle.
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