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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle Noble
Post Content
No Chemtrails here for 6 months George!!..Nothing!!..Blue skies,no rain and the hottest summer ever!!..The crops have failed!!..They have stopped the global dimming!!..All attention is being concentrated on the Middle East..Keep watch..
Plenty of near earth objects being spotted every day,with only a few days notice as they approach and graze this Planet..There are many more to come,most unknown yet,but there are some the government knows about and are not saying..Earth is a bulls eye!!..It is one year,not much time left!!..Chemtrails are real George,they have managed to control the weather,but they can not control whats about to happen!!..Stay safe George..Heed my warnings..My contacts are dead on!!..
 Quoting: The Hammer

Nice yo see you agin hammer!!!! ohyeahAre you in upstate NY???coffee4
 Quoting: George B

Yes George..Western NY..Why they call this area Upstate is beyond me,but they do..Listen up George,the whole world is in chaos..They have stopped Chemtrailing this area,Not even one episode in 6 months!..The purpose of Chemtrails is to control the weather,by dimming the Sun..They know what they are doing George..There is a direct correlation of this being the hottest,driest Summer and the absence of Chemtrails..
The Earth is warming real fast and the PTB know it,I hate to say this but maybe Chemtrailing was not a bad idea,however the stuff they use are poisons!!..For some reason they have stopped,and by doing so,this has led to severe droughts and crop failures..Is this what they want??..To create a food shortage??..Remember,many Country's depend on our food exports,if they cant get it there will be food riots overseas..Not good..
That coupled with the explosive situation in the mid-east,spells disaster!..
Keep your eyes to the sky,there are more near earth objects heading this way..There is one that has the Earth as its bulls eye..The scenario is being played out,just as I was told..Stay safe and be prepared..
 Quoting: The Hammer



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