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Message Subject New Chemtrail Poll: Do you believe in Chemtrails?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have not kept it a secret that I think most if not all persistent trails we see in the sky are persistent exhaust from aviation not a covert aerosol injection project . . . however, I do understand how people can feel differently . . .

1) I agree the government should be watched . . . that they are capable of doing some stupid things in secret which they thought were expedient at the time . . .

The events which brought chemtrails to the public may have been a mistake; however, it retains traction for some reason . . . one of the reasons is a distrust of "Them" what are in charge . . .

Another reason is the lack of progress in the mitigation of persistent contrails and cirrus cloud banks . . . I suggest a rational policy would be . . . make progress in that direction as soon as possible for several logical reasons . . . one of which is to remove suspicion from the government and aviation in general . . .

2) One reason I think a massive covert program doesn't exists managed by the aviation industry is . . . if I were trying to remain secret, I would not call attention to my self by spraying visible persistent trails all over the skies . . . and usually near the highest density population centers at that . . . a guarantee I would be discovered. . . shitstir2
 Quoting: George B

But still, believing it..and claiming it to be fact while arguing against those who are only pointing out that it ISN'T a fact, are two completely different things.
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